Generate invoices

With the conversion of prospects into customers you will need contracts and invoices. These will also be automatically generated, based on pre-defined templates and emailed to the recipient, directly from the application.

You will be able to define different types of contracts (internal, external, products or services) and invoices (proformas, advance or final).


Repetitive billing services

You will be able to generate invoices for taxable services repetitive, monthly, quarterly, annually or at other time intervals as you choose..
You will be able to define automatic billing rules for subscriptions, rentals or other periodically taxable services.


Integration with e-Factura

This functionality applies to the transparent handling of public procurement contracts and contracts between economic operators.
With the use of electronic invoicing and the RO e-Invoice IT system, the time for sending invoices is minimised, the invoice is issued, sent and received in a structured electronic XML format that allows it to be processed electronically and automatically, data validation takes place at the time of transmission and receipt of delivery confirmation is immediate.

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