Main panel

The main panel or dashboard is the place where you start your work day, the overview of the activity you are running. It will give you at a glance the information you are looking for, because you will choose which reports, indicators or news to be synthesized and displayed..


Import/Export data

Each list provided by the application allows the export of data in different formats: Word, Excel or CSV. We guarantee you flexibility and independence, giving you the possibility of mass extraction of all information stored in SoftManager CRM, without any conditions.
On the other hand, the automatic data import module makes it possible for you to automatically bring into the system the data you now manage with the help of Excel or other computer systems.


Planning, calendar and notifications

In this section of the application, each user can keep track of the activities they have to perform. It can define repetitive tasks and can choose to be notified when a deadline is approaching. Each employee will thus be automatically and timely notified of their actions.
The notification system will announce the approach of a predetermined event, but also the production of one whose date is not known exactly: signing a contract, receiving an invoice, completing a repair, etc. At the same time, the chat provided will simplify and streamline the communication between the users of the application.


User management

The user management section is where you decide which employees have access to the system and what rights, permissions or restrictions they have when they work through the application.


Google Sync

Emails sent and received by app users and their calendars can be synchronized with Gmail and Google Calendar applications. There is no need to always switch between email, calendar and messenger. All will be managed centrally from the application, giving you more time for the really important operations.


Customer satisfaction questioning

Customer satisfaction questionnaires are one of the most important ways to get quality and measurable feedback from your customers.

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