How do I know whether or not I need a CRM software system?

When in your activity you start to notice dysfunctions like this:

  • customer information (their profile, interactions history, orders to them, etc.) is hard to find
  • the stages passed in relation to them (contacting, tendering, contract signing, offering support) are always different and are difficult to follow.
  • sales reports are difficult to produce, inaccurate or time consuming
  • potential customers are lost due to lack of communication, poor organization or lack of reaction speed
  • sending documents (offers, contracts, invoices) to the client takes time

I have not used a CRM software application to manage the activity of my company. What should I start with?

Starting to use a CRM application should be synchronized with establishing clear working processes at the level of your company.

Contact one of the SoftManager representatives by one of the following methods:
Phone: +40 743 608 751
or on Contact page.

Together you will be able to determine which steps are necessary to integrate a CRM into the activity of the company you run and which are the first signs of a fluidization of the activity you will observe.

What does CRM mean?

The acronym CRM comes from the English language, from the phrase "Customer Relationship Management".
It represents a management system of the relationship between your company, customers and other partners (suppliers, distributors, etc.), by establishing a set of rules, policies and technologies for attracting, retaining and retaining them.
In most cases, a CRM system foresees the activities of the sales, technical, financial and marketing departments.

How can I benefit from training on using the application?

On request we can offer training sessions at your company headquarters. The details and their planning are established when purchasing the software. On average, the implementation of our product takes between two and four weeks depending on the flows of your business.

How can I import or export data to other software systems I use?

For synchronization with software systems or external hardware the SoftManager team can develop modules specific to each client. For further information contact a SoftManager representative. Currently, we have successfully connected with accounting applications, courier services or GPS monitoring services.

Why SoftManager CRM?

  • It is an easy to understand and used software that brings your business into the 21st century.
  • You will save time, energy and money, which you now lose with operations that can be automated.
  • You get rid of papers, folders, excels, and most importantly, it gives you a clear picture of your business, so at the end of the year, SoftManager CRM gets rid of your work in vain!!
  • It helps to increase sales by optimizing the following factors: increasing the number of sales leads, the conversion rate of leads into the prospects and decreasing the duration of the sales process.
  • We make custom reports according to your needs to make it easier for you to use the application.
  • Allows marketing campaigns to achieve a faster promotion of a product or service.

What is the implementation process?

    Step 1: Configuration
  • we configure the company and the users;
  • we customize templates for invoices, contracts, offers, orders, etc.;
  • we import your data into the system (customers, articles, invoices, stocks);
  • Step 2: Training users

    We come to your headquarters and train users on how the application works and how it should be used.

    Step 3: Work supervised

    Users use the application while our specialists help and answer questions.

    Step 4: Optimizations

    Now we have the opportunity to review and improve together the workflows within your company.

    Step 5: Constant use

    You have a powerful tool that you use constantly. You will be more productive and efficient, while the SoftManager team provides the necessary support!

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the number of modules requested. For more information please see the page: Prices

How can I automatically integrate the leads that come on the site?

A SoftManager specialist gives you support for integrating a form into your site.

How can I attach email from Microsoft Outlook to Softmanager CRM?

Microsoft Outlook has an add-in integrated with which Outlook emails can be attached to CRM.

How can I get the result of a Facebook campaign in SoftManager CRM?

You can import your Facebook leads list into the SoftManager CRM.

Can I set roles for each user?

Roles can be set for each user depending on the needs of each one.

Is there a mobile app?

There is a mobile application where customers can call, can make invoices, contracts,can see a calendar of activities, etc.

What happens if I delete the data by mistake?

In case of accidental deletion of data, the data is restored from a most recent data back-up.

Can we have multiple types of subscriptions for the same company?

Several types of subscriptions can be created, customized according to the needs of each user.

Can I use the SoftManager app from anywhere in the world?

You can access the SoftManager CRM app from anywhere in the world.

Can functions be developed on request?

SoftManager CRM is the intellectual and developer owner of the application. New functions can be developed at the client's request.

Can SoftManager CRM help me find leads?

SoftManager CRM can help you find opportunities by creating marketing campaigns or using Facebook integration.

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