Opportunity management

The sales section centralizes and automates data and operations specific to the sales process. Here you can manage emerging opportunities, prospects, customers and suppliers.


Customer management

You will have under observation all the interactions that the whole company has with the partners, regardless of their nature.


Suppliers, partners, competitors

The information made available by the Sales and Contracts and invoicing modules will give you, through a series of reports and lists, a complete and faithful image of the way the sales process unfolds.


Generating offers

It will also be very easy for your employee to generate and send business offers to their partners and receive orders from them. The activity of the sales agents will thus be visible and easy to evaluate.


Order processing

Each step, from collecting data and contacting prospects, sending bidders and receiving orders, will be achievable with just a few clicks.


Record contracts

You will have centralized the records of signed contracts and additional documents, knowing at any time what services or products each subscriber or buyer benefits.

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