Partnership of references

Represents vendors who enter into a partnership with SoftManager SRL whose main purpose is to generate new leads and customer referrals for the SoftManager CRM platform. It's easy to be a reference partner for SoftManager CRM: all you have to do is send us leads. If it materializes in sales then you get 15% of the sales value. You have no other responsibilities in the ongoing sales or support process.


Sales partnership

This form of partnership offers the ability to make sales even when you do not have in-house notions about our application. It's easy to become a sales partner: you just have to maintain customer relationships. For any completed sale you receive a percentage of 20% of its value.


OEM partnership

Through the OEM Partnership program you now have the opportunity to be in control. You can set prices and terms for your products while SoftManager CRM will help you give more power to your services. CRM applications are becoming more and more key applications for OEMs as they want to integrate customer information into the solutions they offer.

Q: Can I access more product details?

A: To find out more details we recommend you to consult the tutorial section of our site or to schedule a Skype training session with one of the SoftManager CRM specialists.

Q: What should I do to maintain my status as a partner?

A: You must make a minimum of 10 sales per year as a Sales Partner or 40 as a Referral Partner. Also, the sales partners must have a website where they can promote introductory information about SoftManager CRM and use back links to the site softmanager.ro.

Q: Why should I register as a sales partner in a SoftManager CRM Partner program?

A: By signing up for the SoftManager CRM Partner program you will benefit from the same sales margin, but you will receive more support and assistance during the sales process.

Q: Where can I find more details about the pricing policy for users?

A: See the Prices section of the site softmanager.ro.

Some important features of a successful referral partner program would be:

  • A stable business
  • Familiarity with SoftManager CRM products and services
  • Availability of dedicated sales and consulting resources
  • The ability to establish and maintain a customer network that will generate a constant flow of leads
  • References from customers.
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